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BITMAIN presenta el nuevo ANTMINER S19j Pro+ para una compatibilidad óptima en centros de datos globales


BITMAIN, the world’s leading supplier of cryptocurrency mining servers, has introduced the latest generation of its ANTMINER, the S19j Pro+. This new model boasts a hashrate of 122 TH/s, power consumption of 3355 W, and power efficiency ratio of 27.5 J/TH. Compared to the S19j Pro, it delivers an overall performance improvement of 10%. One of the most significant features of the S19j Pro+ is its ability to be compatible with the voltage range of most global data centers, with a new input voltage range of 220~277 V.

Miners can benefit from the voltage capabilities of the S19j Pro+ during data center operations. If the voltage of the data center is not compatible with the miners, additional voltage converters would be needed, incurring extra costs. With the S19j Pro+’s voltage range, it becomes ideal for global data centers, saving additional costs from purchasing voltage converters.

The S19j Pro+ covers most countries using high hashrates, with a voltage range of 220~277 V. The top three countries, other than China, in terms of global hashrate network are the U.S., Kazakhstan, and Russia. These three countries account for approximately 60% of the global hashrate network, with the U.S. having the largest share at around 37.8%. The industrial electric voltage in the U.S. is 277 V, Kazakhstan 220~230 V, and Russia 220 V. The voltages in these three countries are within the range of 220~277 V.

The S19j Pro+ also covers the industrial voltage standard of most countries, allowing for faster data center construction without the need for voltage adjustment, even in emerging markets. Supply voltages within the range of 220~277 V include 220 V in Asia, 220~230 V in Europe, 277 V in North America, 220~230 V in Africa, and 240 V in Australia.

BITMAIN aims to establish a “Business Symbiosis” with its customers and partners by upholding the values of “Mutually beneficial, Long-lasting, Sustainable.” By introducing a new miner that adapts to the voltage of global data centers, BITMAIN aims to address the issue of scaling data centers for customers and drive hashrate growth on the global blockchain network.