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BITMAIN’s WDMS 2022 Empowers Digital Mining Industry for the Future

WDMS 2022 Was Successfully Held, Empowering the Global Digital Mining Industry right into the Future

On July 26, BITMAIN – the globe’s leading producer of digital currency mining servers via its brand name ANTMINER successfully held the World Digital Mining Summit 2022 conference in Miami, USA, providing miners throughout the world with new investment options to support the growth of the industry.

The event commenced with an opening speech from Francis X. Suarez, Mayor of Miami, welcoming all the attendees at the World Digital Mining Summit and expressing his strong belief in the blockchain and digital currency mining industry for creating a bright future for all generations.

Irene Gao, BITMAIN Sales Director, shared her insights on the current challenges and opportunities in the industry, revealing how BITMAIN’s mining solutions address issues related to inadequate resources, skills, and operational instability by providing innovative solutions and premium mining products. She discussed BITMAIN’s future direction towards green development, supporting the growth of a sustainable future. BITMAIN launched new programs such as ANTique ANTMINER Coupons to reduce the carbon footprint for a greener mining community and initiated philanthropic campaigns to give back to the community.

SQ, President of BITMAIN’s Product Division, provided the worldwide mining growth of information. With the instructions of BITMAIN, the business intends to supply improved integrated solutions, worldwide organising, dedicated support as well as advanced mining tools. SQ clarified why BITMAIN is tactically releasing hydro-cooling information facilities that address issues such as unstable procedures in locations with heats and also high humidity that boost the life process of miners. Hydro-cooling web servers give safe mining result and also minimise running expenses, enabling better success. It lowers the access limit for hydro-cooling mining, and also a brand new consignment design, “Consign-to-Own” has actually simply been introduced. She likewise shared that BITMAIN’s worldwide network of accredited upkeep centres will certainly additionally advertise the growth as well as upkeep of miners around the world.

Simon Wang, ANTMINER Sales Director, spoke about the future of mining with Hydro Air Conditioning processes. He presented the transformative growth of BITMAIN’s modern Hydro Air Conditioning technology leading to the latest ANTMINER designs (S19 Hydro, S19 Pro+ Hyd. and S19 XP Hyd.). A guide to Hydro Air Conditioning containers was shared for both the ANTSPACE HK5, 2023 and ANTSPACE HK7, 2024, further enhancing the ANTSPACE’s performance. Simon highlighted how the modern technology of Hydro Air Conditioning offers remarkable monetary benefits for environmental performance, while at the same time providing innovative processes, high energy performance and also long-lasting mining processes, leading the future of mining processes.

Xmei Lin, Head of Marketing at BITMAIN, explained in her speech that PoW is the best decentralised arrangement. On the other hand, PoS cannot address the issue of decentralisation. When it comes to the issue of PoW’s power consumption, it is both essential and advantageous from various points of view. PoW consumes only about 0.2% of the world’s power generation; 2. The application of PoW in the mining market plays a substantial benefit in maintaining the grid, promoting orderly power usage, as well as developing brand new financial development factors. BITMAIN is following the course of PoW and continues to explore cleaner power sources to proactively contribute to the PoW environment.

Max Liao, Managing Director of Business Development at ANTALPHA, shared the firm’s monetary remedies to help miners browse the existing bear cycle. He introduced ingenious options like power funding, which uses hashrate collateral to pay for electrical energy by promising future cryptocurrency production. He after that introduced order collateralisation, which gives miners extra versatility to purchase brand new tools. Max after that reviewed the commonly understood token collateralisation, however clarified just how ANTALPHA dressmakers existing funding options, using a mix of token and also hashrate collateralisation completely.

Leon Lv, CEO of ANTPOOL, explained that ANTPOOL can help its customers build their own mining pools and also provide technological support.

ANTPOOL focuses on incorporating sources of the mining sector, which has actually connected around 22 nations throughout 5 continents and also is increasing right into the United States market, offering a one-stop remedy for customers. ANTPOOL is additionally dedicated to producing a brand new PoW ecological community as well as has actually spent $10 million to sustain the ETC ecological community and also breed top quality PoW jobs.

Alan Martinez, Regional Sales Manager of JSBIT Technology INC. shared exactly how miners need to bear in mind that the sector will certainly experience market ups and also downs with time which markets have actually revealed the capability to recuperate”. Ruslan Zinurov, CEO as well as Co-Founder of Merkle Standard showcased their Washington and also South Carolina information. He mentioned that contrasted to air cooling, hydro air conditioning web servers are much more reliable, secure, as well as silent, which brings about a much longer life span. Fred Thiel, CEO of Marathon Digital Holdings, examined historic market fads as well as shared exactly how to utilize the WACC Formula to figure out the long-lasting, lasting approach for taking care of BTC holding.

WDMS would like to give thanks to everybody who joined the occasion. BITMAIN continues to work diligently with its companions as well as consumers to develop a far better electronic globe by developing win-win participation, lasting values as well as credible collaborations. Stay tuned for the following World Digital Mining Summit. We eagerly anticipate having you join us once more!