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BITMAIN Releases Firmware Update for ANTMINER E3

With the latest upgrade from BITMAIN, the ANTMINER E3 will certainly be able to continue extracting Ethereum.

Recent media reports have actually specified that BITMAIN’s ANTMINER E3, the equipment developed for mining Ethereum (ETH) as well as Ethereum Classic (ETC), will certainly be purportedly quit Ethereum mining by April 2020

These records are based on calculations made by altcoin mining pool 2Miners, which highlighted the current decline in the hash price result of ANTMINER E3 mining gears on the Ethereum Classic network.

This decline suggested that the E3’s equipment was nearing obsolescence, however many thanks to brand-new firmware the miner can remain to mine Ethereum.

Launch of brand-new firmware

To ensure that BITMAIN can supply reliable mining tools for the Ethereum space, it has actually released a brand new firmware to support the ANTMINER E3. This brand-new firmware has actually been created to enable miners to continue using the ANTMINER E3, even after March 2020.

This brand new firmware addresses the previous concern of the development of Guided Acyclic Chart (DAG) documents, which restricted the capacity of the ANTMINER E3 for mining ETH or ETC. This brand new firmware will expand the use of Double Date Rate (DDR) memory as even more space is required to refine DAG data.

So how long will the ANTMINER E3 last?

Thanks to the brand new firmware, ANTMINER E3’s can continue extracting for the near future. The brand-new firmware has actually been made to far better assist the ANTMINER E3, therefore BITMAIN is positive that miners can continue utilizing the equipment past April2020.

With the brand new firmware upgrade, the last approximate block elevation of the ANTMINER E3 is 11,400,000, according to calculations, mining can continue until October 2020.