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With an impressive 4300TiB hash rate, this Filecoin miner is the ultimate choice for FIL mining endeavors. Without a doubt, this Filecoin miner is the most efficient Filecoin mining product on the market today. Start your Filecoin mining journey now and embrace the soaring Filecoin coin price that is on its way.



Product Overview

Model Filecoin Miner (Storage Server)
Cryptocurrency FIL
Effective Storage Capacity 430TiB
Hashrate 4300TiB


Detailed Specifications


Miner Size Height 176mm x Width 481mm x Depth 825mm
Gross Weight (including: host machine, packaging box, slide rail, accessory box) 67kg
Operating Temperature 5°C to 35°C
Storage Temperature With packaging: -40°C to +70°C; Without packaging: -40°C to +55°C
Operating Humidity 10% to 90% R.H.
Storage Humidity With packaging: 10% to 93% R.H.; Without packaging: 10% to 93% R.H.


Hardware Parameters

CPU Intel_Xeon(R)_Silver4210R*1
Power 280W
Memory DDR4_32GB_2933MHz_RDIMM*3
System Disk 480G_SSD_SATA3*2
Data Disk 16T_HDD_SATA3*36
Network Card 2 ports, 10Gb/s Fiber Optic Interface with 1 module.
Power Supply 1200W*2


Purchasing Guidelines

  • Customers can purchase up to 200 units.
  • If the hashrate of the delivered mining machine is lower than 430T, BITMAIN will refund the difference according to $/T.
  • Full payment is required for the product.


Shipping Details

  • Shipments will be scheduled on a first-paid-first-ship basis for orders on which BITMAIN has received full payment.
  • Customers are responsible for any customs delays or returned shipments due to a lack of proper documentation. It is highly recommended to be aware of local customs clearance policies and to prepare all customs documentation ahead of time to avoid any customs clearance delays or unexpected costs.



  • A 180-day warranty is provided starting from the shipping date. BITMAIN will cover shipping costs when shipping a replacement unit within the warranty period.
  • The warranty only applies to the original purchaser who purchased the machine directly from BITMAIN. Once the miner is resold, warranty coverage becomes the responsibility of the reseller.
  • If the user fails to use the product according to the given instructions, specifications, and conditions provided, or changes the function settings of the unit without BITMAIN’s prior consent, BITMAIN will not be liable for any damage arising therefrom.
Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 30.1 × 12.3 × 15.5 cm

Filecoin Miner

Hash Rate



With PSU

Network Connection


Unit Type


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