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BITMAIN has unveiled the ANTMINER S21 Hyd. and S21, boasting an impressive energy efficiency of 16 J/T

During the World Digital Mining Summit 2023 (WDMS 2023), BITMAIN revealed its upcoming products, the ANTMINER hydro-cooling miner, S21 Hyd., and the air-cooling miner, S21. S21 Hyd. is set to deliver a remarkable hashrate of up to 335T while maintaining an exceptional energy efficiency of just 16 J/T, while the S21 offers a hashrate of up to 200T with an energy efficiency of only 17.5 J/T.

Apart from their impressive performance capabilities, ANTMINER has made significant advancements in environmental adaptability. The S21 Hyd. with hydro-cooling and the S21 with air-cooling can effectively operate in environments with a maximum ambient temperature of 45 degrees Celsius, ensuring reliable and trouble-free operation across the globe.

To boost the adoption of hydro-cooling mining, both the S21 Hyd. and S21 models are offered at an equal price. During the WDMS 2023 promotional period, customers had the opportunity to acquire these units for as low as $14/T. Additionally, they could take advantage of various benefits, including flexible payment options, a customized credit program, expedited 1-month shipping, and a carbon-neutral certificate. It’s worth noting that the WDMS 2023 promotion concluded on October 7th.

Starting with the S9, which initially achieved a groundbreaking 100 J/T efficiency, ANTMINER has consistently raised the bar for energy efficiency in BTC miners. This journey has seen remarkable advancements, from the S19 Pro with 29.5 J/T, the S19 XP Hyd. at 20.8 J/T, to the latest offerings in the S21 Hyd. and S21, cementing ANTMINER’s position at the forefront of mining performance and energy efficiency.

In the coming years, BITMAIN remains committed to its vision of “Crafting an Enhanced Digital World.” The company will further strengthen its “Mutually Beneficial, Long-lasting, Sustainable” partnerships with customers, ensuring the delivery of secure, efficient, and reliable infrastructure and solutions for the worldwide blockchain network. This commitment will play a pivotal role in driving innovation and progress in the era of Web 3.0.