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Boosting Industry Confidence: BITMAIN’s WDMS Global 2022 Conference in Cancun is a Success

BITMAIN, the world’s leading provider of cryptocurrency mining servers with its brand ANTMINER, and its strategic partners ANTPOOL, ANTALPHA, and BITFUFU effectively held the World Digital Mining Summit Global 2022 in Cancun, Mexico from November 8-10. High-level speeches were given on topics such as PoW green construction, a new trend of hydro cooling, opportunities in a bear market, the potential of cryptocurrency mining in Latin America, Bitcoin and carbon neutrality, and more, boosting industry confidence and vitality.

During the opening event, Javier Abraham Ayuso Sánchez, General Director of Technology and Innovation for Quintana Roo, and Aurora Aguilar, Public Relations of the Municipality of Cancun, expressed their appreciation to BITMAIN for choosing Cancun as the venue for the WDMS Global 2022, recognizing the employment and growth opportunities that the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and cryptocurrency mining industries could provide to Cancun.

Max Hua, CFO of BITMAIN, spoke on behalf of the company and thanked everyone present for their support. Hua stated that challenges and opportunities coexist and that official positions toward cryptocurrency and Web3 development are expanding in countries and regions such as Hong Kong, the USA, Japan, Norway, Dubai, South Korea, and the United Kingdom. He also mentioned the outstanding performance of the ANTMINER S19 series and shared his confidence that the hydro cooling technologies provided through the ANTMINER S19 XP Hyd. would help miners prepare for the bear market and succeed during the bull market.

Shengqiang Xiao, the President of the Mining Division at BITMAIN, delivered a speech titled “BITMAIN: Forging Ahead With a New Momentum.” In the speech, she discussed the various support, service, and partnership models offered to customers and partners, and introduced the company’s team. BITMAIN is committed to building a healthy business environment and a sustainable mining community by partnering with trusted customers and partners. Xiao emphasized that hydro cooling is the future of the mining industry, and BITMAIN will offer the world’s highest-performance products at the most competitive prices.

Irene Gao, Head of Sales at BITMAIN, presented the ANTMINER S19 XP Hyd, the latest generation of BITMAIN’s hydro cooling miner, and highlighted the hydro cooling consignment program offered by BITMAIN and its partners. The program involves jointly building a hydro cooling data center, with BITMAIN providing hydro cooling containers and data center building solutions while partners offer the site, power and water resources, and data center operation, creating a sustainable partnership to prepare for and thrive during market fluctuations.

Xmei Lin, Head of Marketing at BITMAIN, highlighted in her speech that PoW (Proof of Work) consensus is more decentralized, secure and capable of handling various kinds of transactions. She also mentioned that there is a common misunderstanding that PoW mining causes environmental pollution, but in reality, it accounts for less than 0.2% of global energy usage and does not produce carbon emissions. PoW mining also provides economic benefits and employment opportunities.

According to Xmei Lin, Head of Marketing at BITMAIN, BITMAIN has been a proponent of PoW and is dedicated to PoW eco-friendly building and community development. BITMAIN has also jointly launched ETC Grants DAO with ETC Cooperative to support ETC ecology. BITMAIN is exploring more collaboration opportunities with Tether. Additionally, customers who purchase miners and containers from BITMAIN’s official website can enjoy a 5% discount by using ETC to pay to support the sustainable development of ETC.

Leon Lyu, CEO of ANTPOOL, shared the company’s commitment to providing safe, secure, and efficient mining pool services, as well as their active participation in the environmental building of the PoW community. Max Liao, Managing Director of Business Development at ANTALPHA, discussed the company’s goal to provide miners with high-quality, low-risk financial products and services to help them survive the bearish market and thrive in the bullish market.

It seems that there were various external speakers at the BITMAIN mining summit, including Paul Steiner, Ruslan Zinurov, Professor Haitian Lu, and Paolo Ardoino, who shared their expertise on topics such as the development of Bitcoin and mining in El Salvador, hydro cooling mining, Bitcoin research, and the importance of stablecoins. Additionally, representatives from PoW communities also shared updates on their public blockchain progress and goals.

During the BITMAIN Mining Ecology & Economics Summit, BITMAIN launched the ANTMINER K7, a next-generation CKB miner with a hashrate of 63.5 T, power consumption of 3080 W, and power efficiency of 48.5 J/T. They also held an NFT celebratory ticket project and announced the price of the ANTMINER S19 XP Hyd. at $19/T, which was later reduced to $18.5/T to the delight of customers.

It sounds like the WDMS Global 2022 conference was a successful event with a variety of speakers, activities, and announcements, including the launch of the ANTMINER K7 and the Cancun S19 XP Hyd. Blast. The speeches from BITMAIN and other industry experts provided market forecasts and boosted industry confidence. The conference ended with an invitation to join BITMAIN for a more prosperous future in the cryptocurrency industry and the announcement of WDMS Global 2023.