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ANTMINER KA3: BITMAIN’s Latest Addition to the KADENA Ecosystem with a Leap in Computing Power

BITMAIN, the globe’s leading maker of cryptocurrency mining web servers, held the ANTMINER KA3 Online Launch Event on September 13, sharing its support and confidence in the KADENA community.

The Online Launch Event was co-hosted by ANTPOOL, the world’s leading cryptocurrency mining system, and HASHFROG, the world’s first Bitcoin hash rate standardization cloud mining system. The R&D group from KADENA and the community leader from KADENA MINING CLUB also joined the event, sharing their confidence in the KADENA community and the future outlook of KADENA mining.

The event debuted ANTMINER KA3, which provides exceptional hash rate performance of 166 T, offering a significant improvement compared to the current market output. The latest server introduces a new industry standard of 19 J/T, ushering efficiency into a new era of power savings and improved performance. Featuring the latest design from BITMAIN’s flagship lineup, the 19 Series, the KA3 offers the most advanced air-cooling heat dissipation technology, allowing miners to operate with cutting-edge protection under the Blake2S algorithm. The standard case size of the KA3 facilitates digital facility configuration. The server will be released on HASHFROG in the form of cloud computing services during the initial launch.

Xmei Lin, Head of Marketing at BITMAIN, announced during the event that as a PoW supporter and evangelist, BITMAIN is contributing to the KADENA community, donating 3 units of KA3 to support the KADENA R&D and one unit of KA3 to all community members of KADENA MINING CLUB to show its strong support of the KADENA ecosystem. Lin also addressed that BITMAIN will continue to support the long-term development of PoW projects and the PoW ecosystem.

The cooperation among BITMAIN, HASHFROG, and ANTPOOL on KADENA represents the integration of mining servers, mining pools, and resources, which strengthens the eco-friendly collaboration in the mining and energy industries and provides solid protection for the long-term investment of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. BITMAIN is the world’s leading provider of cryptocurrency mining servers with its brand ANTMINER, which has long maintained a global market share and leading position in technology, serving customers across over 100 countries and regions.